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Cookie policy of was elaborated in accordance with duties resulting from the amendment to the Telecommunication Law, which came into effect on 22nd March 2013. The duties are being executed in the entire Europe as a result of the European directive implementation.


What are cookies?

Cookie files are tiny text files sent from the visited websites and applications and stored by the browsers and other technical tools in private computers.

They enable provision of high quality service in an applied business model and improve its usage. The files identify a user in case of a revisit or during a single visit in order to improve some of the functions e.g. related to logging in, storing content of a basket or in order to provide personalised information. Cookie files utilised by shop are safe and harmless to the end device.

Cookie files store only the data, which are recorded and accessed by Therefore, no external data concerning other websites or applications is stored.


Managing cookie files.

Cookie files utilised by may be managed through internet browser settings. (In Internet Explorer cookies may be disabled by using settings – TOOLS – INTERNET OPTIONS – PRIVACY – BLOCK ALL COOKIES. In Firefox by modifications of settings – TOOLS – OPTIONS – PRIVACY).

Applied changes have no effect on cookie files already stored in the computer. The files may be removed by the usage of browser's settings. Internet users may freely manage cookie files. You need to bare in mind though, that blocking cookie files may result in a limited access or complete lack of access to service offered by


What cookies does use?

Files used by shop are divided into three categories:

session cookie files

permanent cookie files

external cookie files


Session cookie files

These are essential cookie files, which enable to operate within an Internet site and use its basic functions. They are used within one session. Session cookies are temporary files, which are stored in the user's end device until they log out, leave a website or turn the software off (Internet browser).

They are used to:

Identify a user as logged in.

Guarantee connection with an appropriate service on a website, while making any changes to the websites' operation.


Permanent cookie files

Permanent cookie files are those, which guarantee certain functions not only within the limits of a single session, but during the entire period of certain file storage in a computer. These are files improving efficiency of service. Thanks to these cookie files, information on the ways the website is entered, including data on users of microsites and possible errors, is stored. Cookie files related to efficiency improve service and store settings which make operating within the website much easier. Permanent cookie files do not store any information, which could reveal a user's identity: they are processed as anonymous data and are meant only to improve operation of the website or the application, recognition of the visitors' interests and measurement of the efficiency of advertisements. We use them to:

Obtain statistics on the usage of our website and applications.

Test efficiency of our advertisement.

Improve operation of the website through registration of recurring errors.

Show the users they are logged in.


External cookie files

These are files which enable to cooperate with external companies and service providers. Among them, there are research cookie files which provide the analytical systems with data on the popularity of certain service. These are also files related to service such as buttons “Like” or “Share”. External cookie files used by shop are meant to:

Connect with social websites (e.g. Facebook), which may then use information on certain users' visits to profile advertisements on websites.


Cookie files within website are collected by:


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Legal notice – update

We reserve the right to make changes and amendments to the policy described above. Please, remember to check for any changes, browse this and any additional information.