Telescope accessories

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telescope with accessories is now a basic set available in stores. We can easily replace some parts in the telescope with others and thus modify its technical parameters. So it's worth replacing the accessories in your telescope and equipping it with new useful parts, so that, for example, it is possible to do astronomical photography with your phone - you need smartphone accessories for it.

Main astronomical accessories

The most important accessories for a telescope are eyepieces, which build the optical system of our device. The magnification of the telescope and its field of view depend on them. Therefore, it is worth equipping ourselves with at least three good quality eyepieces that will enable us to obtain a very wide range of magnifications. This function is also performed by a Barlow lens - another important addition to the telescope. In turn, different colored filters for the telescope allow us to get a better look at individual astronomical objects, and with the angle cap we can conveniently track objects high in the sky.

What else can an astronomical telescope be equipped with?

Astronomical photography is becoming increasingly popular, and in order to take pictures from a home telescope, we need the right accessories for phones or telescopes. Telescope camera is a very convenient solution - you just need to put it in the eyepiece focuser, instead of the eyepiece, and then connect it to the computer. You will get the image visible through the telescope on the computer's screen.

To take photos and videos, we can also use smartphone accessories. A telescope adapter for a phone is a tool that allows you to attach a smartphone to an eyepiece - its installation is quick and easy. Things get a little more complicated when we use more professional camera equipment. To attach the telescope to the camera, we need to unscrew the lens and mount the so-called T-Ring, and then screw the body of the DSLR to it.