Microscopes for kids

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You are probably well aware of how important it is to nurture your child's skills. Parents should be pleased that their kids show interest in learning, and every child is certainly curious about everything around him. His constant questions of "What's this?" sometimes drive us crazy, but it's well worth it to answer them, because in this way we strengthen his interest in the world. You can also teach your child to seek information and answers on his own, for example, with the help of a microscope. Discover new possibilities and passions for him.

Is it worth buying microscope for kids?

A microscope for kids is certainly a very useful instrument for a young scientist and allows them to spend time in a valuable way. Every child comes into contact with a microscope at some point in their education anyway, if only in biology classes. However, it is best for children to learn the functions of this device even before the start of education. They will train themselves to use microscopes and learn the basic principles of their operation. It will be easier for them to operate a school microscope later.

Observing the microworld is also certainly interesting and can be a great way to combine a toddler's learning with pleasure. Therefore, for an upcoming occasion, it's best to buy your child a microscope as a gift.

Choice of microscope vs. age of child

Microscopes for kids are available in various versions. They can be more or less advanced, give different magnification and be of different quality. When choosing the right microscope, the age of the child is important, as the equipment should be adjusted to the child's abilities. A different microscope will be suitable for very young children, and another for children going to elementary school or for a teenager. The age of the child is also taken into account by microscope manufacturers like Levenhuk, whose offer also includes microscopes for kids.

Microscope for young children

Learning is certainly easier when we can see the specific phenomenon with our own eyes and make observations of the micro-world. The age of the child does not matter in this case, as this works well at any stage of schooling. On the other hand, you definitely need to take your child's age into account when you choose teaching aids for him.

A standard educational microscope is not suitable for very young children. Its operation requires the use of glass elements to make appropriate prepared microscope slides. A child can easily break the glass and hurt himself with it. Among the offers of various stores, you can choose a children's microscope that will have all its components made of plastic.

Best microscope for 5 year-old

For young children, the best choice is a set that includes a microscope and all the necessary accessories. It should also include plastic pipettes and tweezers, which are also sized to fit the hands of a small child.

These types of children's microscope also provide magnified images, but of course they will not be magnified as many times as in a professional optical equipment. Usually the possible magnification is no more than 300x. You can also have remarks about the quality of the image, but remember that this is a gadget that is not for scientific observation. You can buy a microscope for children for as little as a few tens of pounds, which is the price of a better quality doll or car. Buying them is a good way to see if such learning will appeal to the child at all.

However, if your child is over the age of 5 and you really want him or her to be able to use the microscope to learn, for example, biology, then you'd better buy him or her a stereo microscope.

"Semi-professional" microscopes - Levenhuk stereo microscope

Children can also use the stereo microscope used by scientists. The appropriate age of a child for this type of equipment is about 7-8 years old. At this age, they are ready for an educational microscope, but, of course, it can still have only basic functions. Stereoscopic microscope models are offered by, among others, Levenhuk and are characterized by being simple and safe to use.

A stereo microscope can work great for a child. Although they have real glass elements, it is not necessary to prepare slides. The microscope allows for magnification of 10-40 times and also has lighting. With it, you can study the objects around you.

If your little one is interested in the world around us, he or she will certainly be fascinated to study leaves, stones, plants or everyday objects under the microscope. All that has to be done is to put the given material under the microscope and the kid can already enjoy learning. 

What should a microscope for kids have?

Learning is easier when we can use teaching aids. It is then easy to arouse interest in the world. Microscopes for kids are certainly the most interesting devices you can get your child. But how to choose the right one? Certainly, the main factor is the age of the child. Above a certain age, it no longer makes sense to buy microscopes designed for children. It is better to invest in a microscope for kids that actually allows them to learn something.

Available magnification

Magnification is the most significant parameter of any microscope. This is what all the fun is about - the child can see a given image under magnification. It is good if the microscope for children allows magnification of at least 300 times, because it will already perform well in its primary role.


Lighting is one of the essential components of microscopes, without which it is impossible to make observations. Children's optics should have an artificial light source, so it will be easier to use.

Additional accesories

It is best to buy a microscope for a child as a set that also includes microscope accessories. These will allow kids to prepare slides for observation.

Certificates and opinions

Microscopes for children should also be certified that they are safe. Especially devices designed for the youngest kids, who are still in the habit of putting various objects in their mouths. It's also worth consulting other parents who also have a little scientist and microscope user at home.

Microscopes for kids - what else is worth knowing?

Another good option are wireless microscopes, which children can take anywhere with them. Take a look at the quality of their workmanship, it's better to choose sturdy models that will serve children for longer.

It's worth cultivating an interest in the microworld as seen through a microscope, so buy an educational microscope for your child today!