Microscope eyepieces

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What does the eyepiece do in a microscope?

Microscope eyepieces are the moving parts that make up the optics of any microscope. They are used to magnify the image received through the lens. By replacing them in a simple way, we can increase the class of our equipment. It is through the eyepiece that we look at the object being studied under the microscope, so its parameters and quality also affect the observations being made. It is worthwhile to be equipped with at least a few eyepieces and replace them depending on your needs, as well as the type of sample to be analyzed.

Microscope eyepiece - magnification provided by this optical element

The microscope eyepiece, as well as the objective lens, magnifies the image seen and affects the magnification value of the whole device. Microscope eyepieces can offer us different magnifications. So, you only need to replace this element to get a higher or lower magnification, and adjust it to the object you are observing at the moment. In this way, you can also increase the field of view by choosing a better quality eyepiece. A wider field of view provides more comfort and makes it easier to conduct research.

Types and parameters of microscope eyepiece

Microscope eyepieces can vary in diameter, field of view, magnification, and also additional features. If you are planning to buy a new eyepiece, its diameter should be adjusted to the particular microscope model. How to do it? The tube of each optical microscope is equipped with eyepiece slots. New microscope eyepieces should be matched to their design and diameter.

Let's now turn to magnification. Microscope eyepieces can magnify the image 2, 10, 16 or even 20 times. This information is usually found on the eyepiece tube and looks like this: WF 10x. This means that the given microscope eyepieces magnify the image 10 times. Sometimes next to this value there is also a number indicating the field of view. The larger it is, the better the visibility of a given object and comfort of observation.

Microscope eyepieces can also correct image errors or prevent reflections - thanks to anti-glare coatings. Some of them are also equipped with a millimeter scale, which allows precise measurement of the object under examination.

Which microscope eyepieces are worth equipping your microscope with?

Microscope eyepieces are very diverse in terms of quality and price. It is worthwhile to have at least 2-3 eyepieces of different magnification, as it is then possible to observe different objects. Choosing a good quality eyepiece, with a wide angle of view, will provide you with a sharp and detailed image. However, much depends on the type and advancement of your research. Professional and most expensive eyepieces are microscope accessories used by scientists who conduct observations at the cellular level. Amateurs do not need such advanced eyepieces. So do professional contractors who use microscopes, for example, to repair equipment, so they work on larger objects.

Thus, when choosing eyepieces, it is necessary to consider their purpose, as well as the skills of the microscope user. If it is a school microscope, that is, for example, an OPTICON Biolife or OPTICON Investigator XSP-48 microscope, then even cheaper models of eyepieces will work fine. Remember, also, that the eyepiece should also be matched to the type and model of the telescope.