Microscope accessories

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Microscopes are optical tools that we can upgrade with additional accessories. By replacing their individual components, we can adapt the equipment to the observations we make, or increase our research capabilities. It is therefore worth buying additional parts for each device, even though we usually already buy a microscope with accessories included.

Optical accessories for the microscope

The basic accessories for a microscope are certainly microscope lenses and microscope eyepieces. No laboratory microscope can do without them. These are components that build the optical system, which are characterized by different parameters. They have different magnification, lens diameter and, in the case of eyepieces, field of view, depending on the class of glass used, they can also be characterized by different quality. Replacing them is an easy way to impact the parameters of the whole device and maybe even improve it a bit - provided you choose compatible accessories.

Other microscope accessories

There are also accessories that help in conducting research, using the microscope. A microscope with a camera allows us to record videos of our observations, and if our model does not have such a function, nothing is lost. The camera for the microscope is also available in the form of a component that is inserted in place of the eyepiece. Phone accessories are also helpful in taking photos or videos, as we can use our personal smartphone to document observations. Such smartphone accessories are mainly photo adapters that allow the phone to be placed on the microscope. These are popular microscope accessories for children, because they help them study and prepare their schoolwork.