Discounts and special offers



Special offers and discounts: general terms


Whenever informs about a special offer which uses the discount codes mechanism, the code is to be inserted into the appropriate filed in the chop's cart. The discount will be then applied automatically.

Products which are already discounted will not benefit from a further price decrease. The exception from this general rule are those special offers where the offer's terms and regulations clearly state that the offer does add up to a general discount.

As a rule of thumb special offers, vouchers, sales, spcial discounts and such like do not add up unless he offer's terms and regulations clearly state otherwise. Should an order placed by you benefit from more than one special offer, including a coupon/voucher/discount code-based discount, if the customer inserts his code in the cart, the code's discount will override any other special offers or discounts the order previously benefited from - regardless whether it will result in an increasing or decreasing of the price.