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Opticon - manufacturer of optical equipment for everyone

Opticon offers you various kinds of observing equipment with which you can learn about the micro-world, conduct terrestrial observations, and admire far-off planets and other celestial bodies. Its telescopesbinoculars or microscopes are diverse in terms of parameters or level of advancement, so both beginners and more experienced users can successfully use them.

Which Opticon microscope can you choose?

Opticon leads the way in the production of educational microscopes, which are very suitable for basic observation and research, such as the Opticon Student microscope. Some microscope models are also available in a compact version. The pocket microscope can be taken with you into the field and is also often used by representatives of professions where precision work is performed, such as jewelers or watchmakers. Of course, the range of Opticon microscopes does not end at this point.

Observing the stars with Opticon. Reflector and refractor telescopes

The Opticon brand can also offer you instruments for astronomical observation. The Opticon Apollo telescope is one of them, and it is very often chosen by beginners for amateur observations. The optics in this company's telescopes are built with good quality components, and at the same time they are available at prices to suit every pocket. You can choose from both cheaper and more expensive models, differing in terms of parameters or the level of advancement of their operation. Therefore, they can be used by users with different ranges of knowledge and skills.

Opticon accessories and parts

Opticon provides you with all the parts and accessories necessary for your observations. If you choose them, you can be sure that parts such as telescope eyepieces or microscope objective lens will be compatible with your Opticon telescope/microscope. You can also buy entire kits, which also come with other very useful learning aids, such as ready-made laboratory samples or the Sky Atlas. With such equipment, you can start learning, working or researching right away.