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Celestron - telescope and binoculars for observing enthusiasts

Celestron is an established American manufacturer of various types of observation equipment. In its offer you will find telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, as well as accessories for them, such as a Barlow lens. They are used not only by private nature or stargazing enthusiasts, but also by professionals, i.e. professional astronomy stations, scientific people, as well as servants. Celestron has been operating in the American market since 1960 and is a leader there when it comes to the astronomical products industry, and now it is also gaining a lot of respect in the European market.

This manufacturer is mainly known for producing equipment for astronomical observation. You can choose not only a Celestron lenticular or reflecting telescope, but also a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, which is a mirror-lens design. If you're looking for equipment for ground observation, this is where a Celestron observation telescope or binoculars will definitely work. Each of these tools for observation is available in the form of different types of models, with different parameters and capabilities.

Celestron spotting scope and reflector telescope

Celestron telescope can be used by both novice astronomy lovers and professional researchers, but it is important, naturally, to choose the equipment correctly. Adjust the parameters such as diameter, focal length or aperture to your needs and skills. Advanced telescopes in the Schmidt-Cassegrain system, which are equipped with the GOTO guidance system, are used by universities and observatories. Their diameter can be as large as 14 inches, so they are very large observing tools that we don't need for amateur use. If you are not professionally involved in space observation, a smaller piece of equipment like the Celestron Astromaster 70EQ telescope will be perfectly sufficient.

Celestron binoculars

For observing the sky, as well as ground objects, you can use binoculars which are much smaller than a telescope. You can find various types of binoculars from Celestron: smaller or larger, with different magnification ranges, as well as prices. It is worth noting here that although Celestron offers equipment in different price categories, you can always be sure that the optics in each of them are of high quality and allow you to conduct satisfying observations.

Who should choose Celestron observation equipment?

It doesn't matter whether you're looking for binoculars, telescopes or microscopes for yourself - Celestron is known for its high-quality products, so any of these observation tools is sure to be a good choice. Thanks to the fact that they can have different parameters and are equipped with more or less advanced features, you can choose for yourself equipment that meets your needs and expectations. If you are into astronomical observation, if you like to admire birds and other animals in their natural environment, or if you hunt them, or if you use observation equipment in your daily professional work - in each of these cases Celestron offers you functional and high-quality solutions.