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Levenhuk - manufacturer of telescopes for everyone

Levenhuk is one of the world's best-known brands in the optical equipment industry. It produces good quality telescopes, microscopes and binoculars, which at the same time are available at affordable prices. Its products are well known in North America, Europe or Asia, and are used by schoolchildren and students, as well as adult observers of the world.

Levenhuk telescope - for star and nature observation

A telescope is a tool that is mainly used to observe celestial bodies. Its optical system can consist of lenses or mirrors, and these are the two types of telescopes that Levenhuk offers us: refracting and reflecting telescopes. They are characterized by different parameters, that is, diameter, magnification range or focal length, so you can fit them to your needs, knowledge and abilities.

What else does Levenhuk produce?

Levenhuk telescopes are sold in sets with all the necessary parts, and often include additional eyepieces or lenses. Such additional optics allow you to change the parameters of the particular equipment and adapt them to the observed object. Already the Barlow lens alone will allow you to increase the magnification range of the telescope, and you can also replace the eyepiece or objective. Usually it is also supplied with a telescope tripod, so you get complete equipment, with which you can immediately start observations.